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It is good to know how much a ride could cost you so just follow these instructions and you will have an estimate of your total fare.

First click on our Google map link below, set the Start and End addresses of your ride, click the Get Directions button; The result will show the route and the distance in miles. Take this distance and multiply it by $3.50, add $3.50 Drop Charge to the total and you will have your estimated fare for service in The State of Rhode Island.

Please notice that the actual meter fare will depend on preferred routes, time and conditions.

Have a nice trip!

This calculation is based on the Authorized Taxi Rates in Rhode Island. Beside the normal rate you might have some other charges:

    3.50 for the first 1/10 of mile (drop charge)
    $0.30 for succeeding 1/10 mile

    $12.20 for a 3 miles trip
    $30.00 per hour for waiting time
    An additional charge of $1.00 per passenger beyond the first two (2)
    $5.00 charge for each large item of luggage, defined as an item:

Weighing more then 70 pounds or one that will not fit in the taxicab's  closed trunk. The total amount is subject to a 7% State tax charge on the trips inside the State of Rhode Island and exempt for out of State trips. 

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